We started of with a rainforest, that we started from scratch. We started of with an empty tank. In the tank we built an island and filled the area around with water. On the island, we planted a lot of different plants.

After a while a lot of new plants started to grow. We had a lot of trouble getting the ecosystem to work out good, in the way we wanted. Some things died, and the air wasn’t humid enough and the water was to sour. But we fixed it and tried to figure out the reason for the struggle. After a while it worked out good. We bought fishes, but then something went wrong with the water, so we had to move them to another smaller tank, where they could live until we fixed the problem. We got a lot of new fishes there. So many, that we after a while had to move them. When we had moved the other fishes, we didn’t catch them all, and we figured out that one of the fishes were left in the rainforest tank. we tried to catch it for a long time, but after a while we just gave up.

Then we bought some bamboo, that we cut so that we could use it as a leader for water. We put it up on the wall, with help of a fabric, and some iron thread. Then we led the water up to the bamboo, and made it into a waterfall. Now after a lot of time, it has started to grow things in there that we didn’t know about, or did put there ourselves, and that’s great!